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Rolling Stone Magazine

Yesterday i joined the SocialVibe Street team, where i commit myself to helping promote the site, the purpose and everything…The way i earn points and move up in rank is by completing orders given by the team leader. So, one of my orders was to get in contact with the editors of the Rolling Stone Magazine. I just wrote them to explain why they have to be a part of the SocialVibe team. I asked them if they could write an article about the site because that would help a lot. I also wrote to the Bulgarian Rolling Stone magazine telling them the same thing. I hope I’ll get a response in the next few days, at least from the local magazine. Keep your fingers crossed, people! A possible article by one of the best selling magazines in the world would be a big deal for SocialVibe!


SocialVibe Bulgaria

Ok, so i made a SocialVibe facebook fanpage in bulgarian. I think a lot of people in Bulgaria don’t even know about the site and what its purpose is. So, i feel obliged to let them know about it 😛 I just don’t know what else i can do to promote the site. I have this blog, which itself needs promoting, xax i also have the fanpage, myspace fan page but i still feel like people don’t even bother reading my posts what’s left for signing up… But, i won’t give up, so if you are out there and you’re reading this post and you feel like checking the facebook fan page and joining socialvibe you’re a friend forever 😀


P.S. I almost forgot to post the links: (click this link if you want to go to SocialVibe and join :P) (this is the link to the facebook fan page :P)

My First Green Post :P

Hello guys,

First let me say that i’ve never had a blog before and the reason why i started it is SocialVibe.

When i was in school, i had this biology teacher that always talked about saving the environment, reducing waste, global warming etc. She somehow managed to get all my classmates and me involved in her dream to make some environmental difference. We took part in many international and exchange programs, researches, contests for green schools and whatnot…So, i guess this is how i got so into this…When i graduated i kept doing what i can to protect the environment, tried to tell as many people as i could about the danger that we put our planet in and i’ve tried to live a life that is as green as possible. Then one day i discovered this site called For those of you who don’t know it, in short, it is a site where people can support many causes and raise money for charities. Unlike any other site where you have to pay from your own pocket, in Social Vibe you don’t have to give a dime. all you have to do is tell people about it and earn points. Firts you choose a sponsor, then you choose a cause to support and then you promote your cause on every site, social network or mouth-to-mouth. You are probably wondering how money’s raised? Well, it’s very simple. Every point that you earn equals some amount of money that the sponsor that you chose is going to give to your charity. It’s not always money, of course. For example, i support “Environment”, so every 100 point= 10 pounds of carbon offset. If you chose supporting “WWF” your points will be measured in dollars and etc. It’s different for every cause, but the bottom line is that you are helping raise money for charity just by spending some time in front of your computer… something that you do anyway 🙂 So, if you feel like helping me and my cause, or any other cause for that matter, all you have to do is follow this link and sign up 🙂

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