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Plastic-free Month. Challenge? Yes! Possible?…Will see :/

I am following SophiaBush on Twitter (for anyone who isn’t pleease follow her because she’s bringing some interesting and very productive tweets to the table – @SophiaBush ), so one of her tweets was about a challenge that I really liked. The idea is to go through an entire month without using plastic. The initiative is called Plastic-Free February and here you can find more info. I thought it was worth trying, so today was my first plastic-free day…or so I though! My first day in the challenge isn’t even officially over and I’m already struggling, which doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up. Noo sir! I’m just saying that it turns out to be more difficult than I thought. Today, for example, I decided to do some shopping, so I immediately connected the word shopping with lots of plastic bags. Naturally, I decided that I’m not gonna allow that, so I took a cloth bag to put the groceries in. Easy enough! Next move, I go to the supermarket. Every time I pick something from the shelves the lady prepares a nylon bag for me, so finally I lift my bag up to my face and I smile as if saying “Lady, I have my own bag!”. So she gave up eventually 🙂 So far so good. Then, however, I go home and I start putting everything to its place and it suddenly hit me – I am surrounded with plastic! Everywhere I turn! Now that I’m on a mission I start noticing this things and honestly it looks hopeless. The yoghurt, the eggs (sometimes), the milk(sometimes), everything sweet that you buy, every ready-made or half-cooked food – it all comes in a plastic box/wrapping. If we have to avoid everything in plastic that means we have to avoid buying anything at all which is impossible, so this is kind of the concept that I can’t really wrap my head around, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop trying even if that means buying from the village people who give the eggs straight from the chicken’s nest or the milk directly from the cow. At east that’ll help the local production 🙂 I wish brands would stop putting their products (food or cosmetics) in plastic boxes or wrappings and just start using more eco-friendly ways. For example, how come some brands put their eggs in a carton, but others can’t? Or why is it that we find milk in carton boxes, but we also have it in plastic ones too? We can totally do without the plastic version of everything, trust me. But the sad thing is that sometimes people are forced to use them because there’s nothing else. Anyway, I’m gonna keep trying to get through this month and more even without the help of plastic, thank you very much! And even though I said it looks hopeless, it doesn’t have to be. We can all try to reduce our plastic use bit by bit. Even if we come to a situation where is life-threatening to use it then i guess it’s allowed 🙂 xaxax But the point is to try to avoid it when we can, like refusing the plastic bags in the supermarket because you have your own cloth bag, or choosing brands that use carton or anything BUT plastic and so on. There definitely are ways and if you brainstorm a bit you will think of many creative ways to be green and still live a normal life 🙂

Much love 🙂

P.S. Again, add SophiaBush in Twitter, oh, and mr IanSomerhalder. Those guys are amazing, I;m telling you. They really do care about the environment and about other things besides their fame 🙂 And then if you’re on a Twitter-adding spree you can add me as well @Tolinka 🙂