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It was raining cats and dogs!!!

Wow… You wouldn’t believe the rain that came pouring down from the sky today! I actually wish the rain was the biggest problem. Hail with the size of a walnut hit the streets hard in the afternoon hours while everyone was out. I feel pity for the cars! You can’t imagine the sound when the hail hit them. At one point I started waiting for the windows to start breaking… But it was quite funny, though! My sister and I were out because we were looking for an apartment. So, we were just saying Bye to the broker when a lightning almost blinded us and then POWWW!!! Unnecessarily loud thunder! I said to my sister that we would need to get under one umbrella because mine was obviously broken. But the umbrella was quite small to fit both of us under it, so I decided to make a run for the car (which was 3 blocks away xaxxa). There were 3 guys waiting for the rain to stop in front of a supermarket, clearly enjoying the view, meaning myself, running completely soaked. I even think at some point my pants became really heavy and started falling down. xaxaxax I would’ve laughed at the sight of myself, as well! xaaxxax
But on a more serious note… that was some hail! Check out those pics taken earlier today:

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