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Any old shoes or clothes? Yes, please!

I am currently in Dubai visiting my mom and having a wonderful time. The other day, we were on our way home when we came across something that i haven’t seen back home. Maybe it’s nothing new to most of you, but for me it was. It was a bin that looked a lot like any ordinary Reuse & Recycle litter-bin but this one was intended for clothes, shoes, sheets and pretty much anything of this sort that is in good condition. I was really impressed with the idea. Here the traditional wear for locals is abayas for women and candoras for men, so they encourage people to give those when they’re of no use anymore for recycling and later on maybe donating to people in need. That’s wonderful, in my opinion! Before, you could rarely see a begger wandering the streets of Dubai and, quite frankly, it always struck me as a bit odd. In Bulgaria you see those people literally on every corner, but here it was like they tried their best to preserve an image of a place where it’s all about lux, good-life and all that. Well, not anymore! Now here is just as bad as everywhere else if not even worse. People are broke, some of them barely meeting the ends. Yes, it’s still all about the luxurious life but fewer and fewer can actually afford it. So, my point here is that it is times like this when people have to help each other. That clothes-bins are a very good way to do that and do it in a environment-friendly way. 🙂


10 ways to help

Here are 10 simple ways to help the environment 😛