SocialVibe Ville

Now, i’ve set myself a goal… I want to make more bulgarians join the site. You know, when i first signed up for it i recruited a lot of people around me, all bulgarians. Then one day i decided to check and see how many bulgarians there are on the site. Imagine my surprise to see that all of the people from Bulgaria, were the ones that I’ve recruited, except for this one guy who i didn’t know, which means that he found out about the site on his own. So, basically, of all the 1,000,000+ members of SocialVibe, only like 30 people are from Bulgaria. This is sooo disappointing, really! I believe that this is not because people here are not interested in doing charity. I’m sure we’re just as conscious about world’s problems as every other nation and we do whatever we can to help. When it comes to SocialVibe, however, I am positive that not more than 1 % of Bulgaria’s population is aware of its existence. So, I take up one the task to let as many people as i can know about this amazing site and make them join. I’m sure that if people knew about it, they would be happy to help. They spend half of their day in front of FarmVille, YoVille, PetVille or any other kind of facebookVille making fake money, saving fake animals or building fake homes, which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m always telling such people: “If the money you’re working your ass off in this virtual world could be real, you’d be a millionaire by now!”. And they’re always laughing in response. Well, instead of laughing they could spend the same amount of time actually earning real money and donating them to charities. That’s what socialvibe is all about. So, i’m planning on letting them know. It’s just as fun as all those stupid games that all the facebook fans love so much, but at least this is helpful. It has some meaning to it. It’s not wasted time or effort. 😀 Here’s a new game they can obsess about! – SocialVibeVille 😀 Alrighty then!

This is a video that i made about SocialVibe.


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