I ♡ SocialVibe

I think the guys who created SocialVibe are geniuses. They’ve recognized the fact that nowadays social networks are a big hit and have found the perfect mixture between socializing and doing charity work. I’ve been a socialviber for around 2 years now. I don’t really remember how i found out about the site, but it definitely wasn’t from someone. I think one day i just came across an ad or a post by someone on the internet and curiosity set in. 😛 Then, i signed up and have been a member ever since. I really love the site, it’s hard to explain, really. I mean, the way i feel when i’m logged in is what i can’t describe. I guess it’s the feeling that i am a part of something great, something that’s meant to make a big difference in the world. Or at least this is the way I feel.

I chose to support the “Environment” cause. All the other causes are just as amazing as this one but since my schooldays, I’m a really big supporter of the environment and I’m trying to do whatever i can to keep it clean, bring awareness and i guess i can call myself “green” 😀 I don’t know how much i’ve helped via SocialVibe but i’m sure it’s something. I’ve earned….let me quickly check…. ok, 77,476 points for my cause. I know there are people that have made sooo many more points, but still i’m proud with every single one of mines 🙂 I can assure you i’ve worked hard for them all! 😀 I also am glad because i’ve managed to recruit a good number of friends and family members. Unfortunately, not all of them are so devoted but I’m thankful that they at least found the time to hear me out and join.


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