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It was raining cats and dogs!!!

Wow… You wouldn’t believe the rain that came pouring down from the sky today! I actually wish the rain was the biggest problem. Hail with the size of a walnut hit the streets hard in the afternoon hours while everyone was out. I feel pity for the cars! You can’t imagine the sound when the hail hit them. At one point I started waiting for the windows to start breaking… But it was quite funny, though! My sister and I were out because we were looking for an apartment. So, we were just saying Bye to the broker when a lightning almost blinded us and then POWWW!!! Unnecessarily loud thunder! I said to my sister that we would need to get under one umbrella because mine was obviously broken. But the umbrella was quite small to fit both of us under it, so I decided to make a run for the car (which was 3 blocks away xaxxa). There were 3 guys waiting for the rain to stop in front of a supermarket, clearly enjoying the view, meaning myself, running completely soaked. I even think at some point my pants became really heavy and started falling down. xaxaxax I would’ve laughed at the sight of myself, as well! xaaxxax
But on a more serious note… that was some hail! Check out those pics taken earlier today:

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Someone hacked my Skype!

I know this is completely off-topic but i’m so angry right now! Someone just hacked my Skype while i was still logged in! I was talking with my mom and then BOOM! Skype dropped giving me the message that my password has been changed and i need to restart my Skype and log in with the new pass. Ok, but what is my new pass since i wasn’t the one to change it! I am sooooooo, sooooo, sooooo pissed! I had a lot of contacts and how am i supposed to add them all over again??!!! PFff! Aanyway! that wasn’t such a green post, i know but…oh, well!

Rolling Stone Magazine

Yesterday i joined the SocialVibe Street team, where i commit myself to helping promote the site, the purpose and everything…The way i earn points and move up in rank is by completing orders given by the team leader. So, one of my orders was to get in contact with the editors of the Rolling Stone Magazine. I just wrote them to explain why they have to be a part of the SocialVibe team. I asked them if they could write an article about the site because that would help a lot. I also wrote to the Bulgarian Rolling Stone magazine telling them the same thing. I hope I’ll get a response in the next few days, at least from the local magazine. Keep your fingers crossed, people! A possible article by one of the best selling magazines in the world would be a big deal for SocialVibe!

I love clean air

So, i’m lying in my bed and I’m thinking… isn’t that a great nature that we have? No, seriously! It’s not that I’m being santimental or anything… it’s just that I can smell the freshness in the air, the newly grown green leaves have this amazing smell and it’s all so pure! I don’t know what time it is where you are, but here is 3:30 in the morning and I just finished watching Heroes and I’m already in my bed ready to sleep. So, the reason that I decided to write this post via my iPhone before I go to sleep is that my window is open and all that fresh air that I was telling u about is filling my room. Now, to be honest, where I live (in Sofia, Bulgaria) very often I feel like I’m breathing gasses and smoke instead of air. I know this is the case almost everywhere, not just here and I know it could be a lot worse. Comparing to Dubai for example, where my mom lives so I know what it’s like, here in Sofia we’re breathing fresh air, all right!!! But the point is that it’s all wrong. No matter where we are, were not supposed to fill our lungs with this bad air. We’re supposed to be able to inhale good, fresh and clean air but… oh, well! Anyway, I guess the reason for this post and for me saying all these things was that I felt that fresh air coming from outside my windows and it reminded me how good it feels. But it is springtime, afterall, and it’s raining a lot, so after everytime it’s rained I feel I can breathe again 🙂 it feels good. I only wish that we could appreciate it more and make it as our goal to bring back those clean days 🙂
Good night, everyone. Sleep tight 🙂

10 ways to help

Here are 10 simple ways to help the environment 😛

Sign Hayden Penettiere’s petition with the Whalemen Foundation

Please sign the petition! The goal is 1,000,000 signatures.

SocialVibe Bulgaria

Ok, so i made a SocialVibe facebook fanpage in bulgarian. I think a lot of people in Bulgaria don’t even know about the site and what its purpose is. So, i feel obliged to let them know about it 😛 I just don’t know what else i can do to promote the site. I have this blog, which itself needs promoting, xax i also have the fanpage, myspace fan page but i still feel like people don’t even bother reading my posts what’s left for signing up… But, i won’t give up, so if you are out there and you’re reading this post and you feel like checking the facebook fan page and joining socialvibe you’re a friend forever 😀


P.S. I almost forgot to post the links: (click this link if you want to go to SocialVibe and join :P) (this is the link to the facebook fan page :P)